Factory Direct

Electric ATVs

High power adult size Electric ATVs

shipped to your door.

You get access to hard to find vehicles

directly from the Chinese manufacturer.

We handle importing and delivery to your door.


Why Buy Electric?

Easy to maintain

No gasoline engine to maintain. No gas to fill. No oil to change. No carburetor to adjust. 


Electric ATV's are great for suburbs, motor sports events, hunting or just enjoying nature. 

Eco Friendly

You won't be pumping exhaust fumes into the air with this 100% electric machine.


4X4 4000W ATV

Starting at $5,999

  • 4000 watt
  • 4X4
  • Up to 34 mph
  • Up to 43 mile range

5000W Buggie

Starting at $6,349

  • 5000 watt
  • 4X2
  • Up to 28 mph
  • Up to 34 mile range

1500W UTV

Starting at $6,349

  • 1500 or 2200 watt
  • 4X2
  • Up to 28 mph
  • Up to 34 mile range

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